Often times our competitors will structure a project with many non-value-add tasks along with a large team and extended timeline. This is akin to rolling up in a big unwieldy truck, when all you do is want to get somewhere quickly. Sometimes you don’t need a truck, sometimes you need the right size car to get you where you are going. ABT works with each customer individually in a way that best suits the needs of the customer – we are the right size car that can deliver.

The larger slower moving AX implementation partners will present approaches that are heavy-handed and generic. They will over-staff projects and add hours to cover contingency and project risk. They will tout their complex implementation methodologies as the “tried and true” approach to follow.

ABT is different, we look at each client scenario as an opportunity to work with you to determine the optimal approach towards implementation. We will look for unique approaches that will demonstrate our willingness partner with you, we not only want your project to be successful, we NEED your project to be successful. Our livelihood depends on it, and at all times we intend to show you how dedicated we are to ensure your success!

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The mid-market in not like the Fortune 100. You have different, unique business challenges and opportunities. You need a partner who will address your needs and be flexible and nimble, someone who will provide innovative and unique approaches towards AX implementations.