AX projects can stall for many reasons, but its important to realize that the software you purchased is world class and has been implemented in thousands of companies worldwide. You need a partner that can quickly sift through your project artifacts and come up with an action plan and the resources required to reignite your implementation. ABT has project management experience from a large scale multinational perspective that can come in a quickly revamp your project plans. ABT also can work with you and your team to readjust project expectations which can help provide new guiding principles for your project to move forward on.

ABT can provide both the high level and detailed AX experience to get your project back on track.


project recovery

Chances are you have heard of a failed or over budget ERP implementation. ERP implementations are complex endeavors and many time become delayed or stalled. ABT can provide the expertise to kick start your implementation, and allow you to recoup your investment.