industries we work with

Specialized AX2012 skills in Process Manufacturing, focused on:

• Formula management

• Co-product and by-product planning and management, including allocating costs for unplanned co-products and by-products

• Multi-dimensional inventory capability

• Containerized packaging

• First expired/first out (FEFO) and shelf life inventory management with the ability to set vendor-specific batch information

• Approved vendor set up and maintenance

• Vendor batch detail set up and maintenance

• Potency management

• Batch balancing for potency formulas

• Lot inheritance

• Batch order sequencing

We don’t provide junior staff members who are fresh off AX certifications and who don’t know the meaning of JIT, MRP or Lean manufacturing. We have consultants who have lived and breathed manufacturing, many of which have come from industry positions where they were AX users before they became AX consultants. You demand both AX and manufacturing expertise to address your business issues, ABT delivers.



Whether you are discrete or process manufacturer, Advanced Business Technology has the industry experience to ensure your implementation is supported by seasoned consultants who know your industry.

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