Choosing an implementation partner you can trust is of greater importance as you embark upon the difficult journey of implementing such a game changing system like AX. Advanced Business Technology is a trusted advisor you can depend on to deliver AX Expertise.

ABT uses Microsoft’s Sure Step methodology as a foundational implementation methodology, but so do most other AX partners. What sets us apart is our experience implementing AX and our ability to bring our experience with many large-scale full lifecycle implementations to the table. We tailor each implementation to utilize only the optimal activities of the methodology to focus efforts and quickly deliver value. We won’t utilize steps in the methodology if our experience says it’s not required, and we commonly alter approaches to match the experience and skillsets of our clients. Each client is different, and we embrace the uniqueness of our clients and will bring an innovative approach to our implementations, focusing efforts to quickly deliver results.



Choosing an ERP solution is one of the most important decisions your company will face, since it touches your entire enterprise, and will become the lifeblood of your business.