The purpose of a Single Audit Manager is to ensure a recipient of federal funds is in compliance with the federal program’s requirements for how the money can be used.

NP Manager supports an entity-wide audit consisting of two main parts:

  1. an audit of the financial statements
  2. a compliance audit of the entity’s major federal award programs. Supports the review and testing of internal controls over compliance as well as conformity with applicable compliance requirements for each major program.

Single Audit Transactions

  • Creates award/program transactions with direct reference to Federal Agency and Program, including Assistance Listing (CFDA) number

Single Audit Adjustment

  • Creates audit adjustment transactions, and view those as Trial Balance adjustments

Single Audit Reporting:

  • Includes details reports
    • Audit Transactions
    • Audit Adjustments
    • Single Audit Report
    • Referenced to
      • Assistance Listings (CFDA codes)

Program codes