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Based upon Microsoft D365 for Finance, the Non Profit Manager system includes support and automation for regulatory and reporting requirements of non-profit companies.

424 Award Manager

Create Grant proposal filing for specific programs with reference to Assistance Listing (CFDA number).

A122 Indirect Cost Manager

Cost Allocation based

Cost Negotiation based

Calculate the indirect cost rate negotiated between the Federal Government and a Grantee/Contractor’s organization

2018-8 Revenue Recognition

Recognize revenue for a Grant Without Donor Restrictions in accord with ASU 2018-08

Recognize revenue for a Grant With Donor Restrictions in accord with ASC 606

990 Form Manager

Process complete Form 990 out of the system, including Parts 1, 8, 9, 10 and 11

A133 Single Audit Manager

Manage audit of the financial statements as well as conformity with applicable compliance requirements for each major Federal award program.

Controls and Compliance Manager

Enable and mange Compliance Controls, Access Controls, Financial Controls